September 1973 to June 1974 Chad ASECNA (Paris) Engineer in charge of new works and maintenance of aerodromes Preparation of markets.
 Construction of the Fort-Dauphin terminal, 
 Transformation of the technical block of Ndjaména, 
 Extension of the Ndjaména Power Plant, 
 Maintenance work on housing and technical buildings of the various aerodromes. Financing France; Total amount of works: 1 Million euros
September 1990 to December 1990 TCHAD GAUFF Engineer (Essen Germany) Head of mission Study of the protection of the banks and the Chagoua bridge in N'Djaména,
 Topographic survey, 
 Echo-survey, 
 Design research.
 Establishment of plans and written documents, 
 Constitution of the tender dossier.
August 1998 to September 1999 TCHAD SGI (Switzerland) Head of Mission of works control Development works of the polder of Mandi to bowl.
 Construction of 5 sand dikes for a volume of 350,000 m3.
 Establishment, research of sand materials.
 Control of the implementation and compaction of materials.
 Embankment of dikes on loamy soil
.  Participation in the technical analysis of the offers for the supply of PVC pipes (60 km), valves, flow distributor etc. for the irrigation of the polder by the Californian system.
 Establishment of monthly reports on the activity of the Control mission.
 Company: RAZEL
Funding: BADEA;
Amount of works: 1 Billion Euros