November 1981 to December 1983 Senegal Louis Berger International (France) Head of Mission for works control. Reinforcement of 200 km of paved roads.

Technical and financial manager of the project.

Evaluation of asphalt road projects and modifications.

Coordination of 3 site control engineers

Route St Louis - Ross Béthio en Banco - shell and two-layer coating 35 km. Rehabilitation of the Fatick - Kaolak road 40 km. Rehabilitation of the Diam Nadio - Ndias road 30 km laterite base layer.

R EHABILITATION the road Dakar - Thies 40 km laterite base layer and coating asphalt 5 cm.

Various sectinns in Sine - Saloum.

Company: CSE - Jean Lefevre - Colas

End AUNCHING: EDF; Cost of works: 20 M. Euros


July 2000 to October 2000 Senegal TYPSA (Spain) Head of Mission the study of the work project. APD of the road Kolda - Diana Malari - R 22 length 50.5 km.

 Coordination of the topography teams for the survey of the axis, cross sections, structures and specific points of the existing track.

 Assessment of the asphalt road project and modifications.

 Calibration of the red line using the "MICRO TRACK PLUS" program, calculation of backfill etc.

 Choice of urban development through villages

.  Coordination of geotechnical teams for soundings in the axis of the existing track, searches for additional laterite borrowing, studies of the foundations of the 5 existing bridges.

 Determination of the term Q10 determining the quantity of water arriving upstream of the works from the watersheds, determination of the corresponding coefficients. Dimensioning of structures.

 Coordination of reinforced concrete calculations for structures, scuppers and bridge deck 9 meters wide

.  Establishment of written documents, APD and DAO and corresponding plans.

 Establishment of the road maintenance program for this road.

 Use of a GPS for the position of structures, borrowings (calculation of transport distances), and verification of TN altitude for the high points of the watersheds.

EDF financing; Cost of works: 25 M. Euros