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Video made on the Senegalese television 2STV in April 2015 see the video


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Recommendation written by Moumar Gueye to the Senegalese Minister of Culture on April 12, 2015.

From: "Moumar GUEYE" < >

Subject: Tr: presentation of the book by Mr. Jean Pierre Souillart

Date: April 12, 2015 8:34:53 PM UTC + 2


Cc: "Jean Pierre SOUILLART" < >

Reply to: "Moumar GUEYE" < >


Minister, dear brother,

During my recent stay in Saly, I had the chance to attend the video presentation of the book of Mr. Jean Pierre SOUILLART "The Universal Scheme". The content seems to me very useful for the university youth of our country. This is the reason why I would recommend that you receive Mr. Souillart to whom I will copy this email.

Like you, Mr. Souillart is a brilliant mathematician and a speaker. It capitalizes more than 40 years in Africa in particular in Senegal.

You can contact him directly by his present email address.

Have a nice evening and see you soon.

Colonel Moumar GUEYEor


PCA of the Manufactures of Thiès.


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