January 1991 to September 1991 MALI - Tombouctou GAUFF Engineer (Essen Germany) Head of Mission for works control Construction of the Kabara - Koriomé road - 9 Km
 Changes to the route, 
 Choice of materials. 
 Topographic controls, sanitation, Structures.
 Bi-layer coating.
 Company: SATOM
Funding: UNDP;
Amount of works: 3.2 Million Euros
March 2002 to September 2004 MALI TYPSA (Spain) Head of Mission for works control Construction of the Narena - Kourémalé road (32 km)
 Modification of tracks.
 Evaluation of the asphalt road project and modifications.
 Control of the quantities of the DQE and verification of the financial implications to be reported to the Administration at the start of the work.
 Crossing in marshy areas over 1 km between KP 26 and 27. Relocation of a bridge, modification of the river bed, topographic monitoring of the settlement of the access road to the bridge.
 Development of villages crossed, VRD.
 Geotechnical and topographical checks.
 Sanitation works.
 Crushed base layer (0 / 31.5).
 Laterite foundation layer.
 Topographic and geotechnical control.
 Bituminous concrete coating 0/14.
 Monthly accounts of companies. Relationship with the Administration.
 Coordination of the application of safety instructions on site and road traffic, markup, placing people with flags to warn of worksite areas, markup day and night, fixed information panel at the ends of the site and mobiles before and after work areas.
 Installation of alternative site lights for site areas limited to one lane.
 Installation of mobile barriers painted in red and white.
 Incorporation in the organization chart of the company of the responsible for road and personal safety (helmet use for example)
 This manager is also responsible for the application of safety instructions by the company's subcontractors
.  Verification of means of transport for company personnel and subcontractors
 Installation of a temporary retarder across the road, either concrete or coated.
 Site lighting during the night.
 Installation of diversion in particular during construction of sanitation works.
 Marking with paint of the provisional axis of the road under construction visible by day and by night.
 For busy days (for example WE) mobilization of the coordinated police in conjunction with the Administration.
 Coordination of AIDS campaigns, distribution of condoms in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, village chiefs, development of leaflet distribution, meeting in villages with the help of specialized NGOs.
 Company: COLAS
DUE funding; Cost of works: 10 M. Euros EDF funding