September 1972 to June 1973 Madagascar ASECNA (Paris) Engineer in charge of new works and maintenance of aerodromes Preparation of markets.
 Study and invitation to tender for the reprofiling of the Diégo-Suarez runway, 
 Reinforcement of the Sambava track, 
 Construction of the Fort-Dauphin terminal, 
 Transformation of the technical block of Ndjaména, 
 Extension of the Ndjaména Power Plant, 
 Maintenance work on housing and technical buildings of the various aerodromes. Local companies. Financing France; Total amount of works: 1 Million euros
October 2004 to June 2006 Madagascar PROINTEC (Spain) Head of Mission for works control (1) Construction of the FATIHTA bridge, (2) Construction of the Zazafotsy bridge, (3) construction of the Ampandra bridge, (4) construction of national road 7 from PK 620 to PK 659, (5) rehabilitation of RN7 from PK 202 to PK 410, (6) strengthening of RN 4
 Construction of the FATIHITA bridge in prestressed concrete, length 120 meters in 4 spans. Construction of the ZAZAFOTSY bridge in reinforced concrete: length 40 meters. Construction of the AMPANDRA framework bridge in reinforced concrete: length 16 meters.
   Financial management of Projects.
 Establishment of monthly reports of the various sites.
 Drafting of endorsement to the market.
 Coordination of relations with the Administration and Companies.
 Staff and material management
.  Coordination of 3 works control engineers.
 COLAS company - VINCI
DUE / FER / Malagasy State funding;
Amount of works: 30 Million euros