The engineer - philosopher who became the author of a book

Universal diagram and formula of the universe


Synthesis of more than 50 years of reflections and observation of nature


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The author brings together in this book more than 50 years of reflection and observation.


His numerous stays in Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean and the South Pacific have undoubtedly reinforced his convictions and led him to write this book.

This book offers answers to the following questions:


> How does the human being work?

> How does our universe work?

> What is the nature and value of time?

The approach is concrete and structured without any link with the theories developed so far.

The observation of nature, associated, without calculation but simply by analogy, with physics, chemistry and mathematics, makes it possible to find the universal diagram which we use every day without knowing it.

The introduction of the invisible into the formula of the universe reveals a membrane which makes it possible to provide simple explanations about the functioning of our universe.

The entanglement, the fourth dimension, the wormholes, the black holes, the concept of ether, the speed of light and many other scientific concepts are explained very simply.

This book is not religious or sectarian, it will certainly be, for you, a precious complement to your personal reflections and will help you in your everyday life.

You can buy this book in color or black and white version at the address indicated above.