The Water

The circle can be studied under 2 aspects:

- its shape

- the formula of its surface

Its shape

Look around, the circle is everywhere in all its forms:


- The circle

- The sphere which is a rotating circle

- Mathematical zero

- The symbol of nothing

- oxygen


These forms are essential for life on earth.

The formula of its surface

It is a mathematical model for many formulas

in mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Some examples :


The kinetic energy





Distance between nucleus and electron






Stress in a beam on simple supports





Distance traveled during the fall of a body






Law of centripetal acceleration











Einstein found the circle of energy, mass and speed .


We must realize that the circle has an amazing place among the objects of our life, it is much more than a simple form. In addition, man cannot find the value of his surface. It is both present and mathematically inaccessible.


The circle is the image of the universe next to us.

Another remark:

the first drawing of children around

2 years old is a circle.

In July 2013, I learned, by chance, that young children made circles.


In fact, it has been confirmed to me that when kindergarten teachers ask children about two years old to draw for the first time in the classroom, the vast majority of them draw circles!


There is something to be surprised because the child:

  • can't read.

  • can't write.

  • received no special education.

  • he does not know what a circle is, he is completely ignorant in everything and in particular of geometry and this highly symbolic figure.

  • the construction of his brain which started in his mother's womb is not finished. We can therefore say that he is not in possession of all his intellectual resources. In particular his reasoning, logic, vision, geometry, etc.

  • drawing a circle is much more complicated than drawing a straight line. The end of the circle drawing must connect with the start of the drawing. We see that the child finishes the figure well, his pencil arrives at the starting point.

  • he stops his figure at that time. He raises his pencil marking the end of his drawing.

  • moreover, he finds it difficult to hold his pencil because it is one of the first times that he uses it, he still manages to make a circle!

  • Did he then obey instructions from the world where he came from?

  • The message is as follows: I have not yet understood life and the universe, but the circle, I know! . . . Unbelievable !


Internet research also proves this.


See the two certificates below.

Video showing a child making a circle

At the start the circle cannot be done completely because the pencil comes out

of the sheet. So you have to give another sheet so that the circle can be done completely.

This observation would prove that we come from the circle which is the center of the universe.