The engineer - philosopher who became the author of a book

Universal diagram and formula of the universe


Synthesis of more than 50 years of reflections and observation of nature


1. Presentation of the author

My name is Jean-Pierre SOUILLART, I live in Lille. I trained as an engineer in public works.


I then specialized in the control of road works, bridges and airports in Africa, Indian Ocean, South Pacific and Caribbean, financed by the European Union, the World Bank or other international donors.


2. My approach

Imagine a person by chance, on his way, a strange object, never seen. She would examine it, take it home to show it to family or friends "look what I found".


It is exactly in this state of mind that I find myself today, with the difference that it is not an object but an original reasoning.

I have only one desire, it is to present it and share it to know your opinion. I do not impose anything, I just show with my knowledge.


3. Writing my book

At the outset, these were personal observations started in 1967 before the magic of magnetism. During the following years, observations, often fortuitous, accumulated to form a coherent whole.


This book continues to be completed, improved, in large part thanks to lectures, the exchange of ideas with my listeners and the reading of scientific journals.


Everything that is developed in the book is proven, there is no claim without verification. The structure is solid like a bolted metal assembly with concrete bases. It's not at all verbiage or science fiction.


4. Description of the conference

It is difficult to want to present more than 50 years of reflections on these subjects in an hour. The 220-page book is very dense.


My conference takes up most of my approaches, it is divided into three parts:


1) Discovery of a universal scheme and its applications in our everyday life.

2) Discovery of the formula of the universe.

3) Development and applications of the formula of the universe.


How is this presentation going?


It is a commented Powerpoint presentation including texts, diagrams and formulas.


For my demonstration, I use mathematics, physics and chemistry. It is not a question of making calculations but of looking from a philosophical angle, finding analogies and making comparisons.


I do not use any external reference, any account of authors or scientists, astrologers, astrophysicists or other cosmologists.


The originality of my demonstration is to introduce the notion of the invisible.


There is no religious, sectarian and even less Masonic connotation. My approach is simply based on observations of nature, on physical evidence and of course the universe as I perceive it.


4.1. Part One "The Universal Scheme"

My hypothesis takes the form of two concrete elements linked by the invisible like the sun and the earth linked by gravitation.


The proof is in the graphic representation of the water molecule.


We discover that the image of the universal scheme is found, for example, in the couple made up of two similar but different concrete elements linked by the invisible: feelings.


4.2. Part two "Formula of the universe"

On the basis of the universal diagram, we discover the formula of the universe by appealing to notions of time and matter.


This formula also includes the notion of circle with its impressive enigmatic side, the notion of immaterial, numerology with the magic 2, the duality of the universe.


The originality of this research lies above all in the journey that allows us to interpret the formula of the universe and to give it its full meaning. It is a simple mathematical formula.


The formula of the universe also makes us aware of the presence of a membrane which symbolizes the whole mystery of the universe.


It is in fact the look that I wear and the analysis that I make of it that lead me to better understand what we are as well as the functioning of the universe. By introducing the invisible and the membrane, everything becomes clear, coherent and understandable.


4.3. Part three "Applications of the formula of the universe. "

We must realize that we are part of the universe and that the universe is within us.


We have the basic codes of the universe within us from birth, what I call the universal toolbox, the one that can be reached by introspection.


In this box among many other things there is obviously the circle in first place followed by all the secrets of the universe.


I analyze the formula in detail and tell you what the consequences are for us.


I approach the following subjects: the nature of time, entanglement, the fourth dimension, wormholes, black holes, the concept of ether, the speed of light, the primordial universe and many others scientific concepts explained very simply as well as philosophical applications.


Evidence appears in everyday applications like the mirror, television, automatic cameras, our coins.


Other remarks come to our reflection, for example: why the electrons turn at very high speed in silence and without pollution around the nuclei of the atoms whereas in our world of the matter all that moves makes noise and pollutes?


5. Documentation

Everything that is developed in this conference comes from my imagination and my interpretations, themselves based on physical realities to which are added the findings and evidence found in nature.


These ideas have been analyzed and reflected, so they are sensible, weighed, compared and deepened. It is not an adventure novel written on a corner of the table in a few days.


All the hypotheses are accompanied by proofs and can be certified exact but it takes a lot of time and again, it is not finished because my reflection continues as I observe.


6. Guestbook

Open on September 23, 2015, the listeners who come to attend my conferences write their comments. Read in particular pages 22 to 26 which contain the remarks made in Senegal. . . . to read absolutely.