The Water

4 billion years ago, the solar system began to be created gradually.


When it was created, the earth was a planet resembling a fireball in a space that had not yet stabilized.


A collision of a comet with the earth gives birth to the moon which by its presence stabilizes the rotational movements of the earth.
















The earth continued to be "bombarded" by comets made up essentially of ice.


We can consider that most of the water on Earth comes from space.


See the video that develops my hypothesis:




We note, in the studies currently carried out that there are, on the comets studied, cells or embryos of life. It is therefore possible to deduce that the earth has been "sown" by them. Therefore, we can say that we are all "extra-terrestrials".


In 2014, I discovered that water has a memory by watching the video made by the Nobel Prize winner Professor Luc Montagnier see the video:


From the beginning of my reflections, in 1967, I had affirmed that each human being had, in itself, from birth, a "toolbox" containing all the knowledge of the universe. All meditation experiences or “self-search” result in this toolbox.


We are made up of 60% water, so I was able to make the connection, 47 years later, between the "toolbox" and the memory of the water we have in our bodies.

The universal scheme and all of our "good ideas" come from there.


This observation has consequences which go beyond the framework of this site.