Ivory Coast

April 1989 to June 1990 Côte d'Ivoire Direction and Control of Major Works Abidjan (DCGTx) Head of Mission of works control Construction of the Man - Danané road (68 km)
 Control of the quantities of the DQE and verification of the financial implications to be reported to the Administration at the start of the construction site.
 Geotechnical and topographic controls. 
 Sanitation works and 4 bridges including one with triangulated beams with 2 spans of 30 m.
 Laterite base and foundation layer. 
 Assessment of the asphalt road project and modifications.
 Treatment of marshy areas with comfortable embankments.
 Siding in asphalt sand.
 monthly companies. Relationship with the Administration.
 alternative site lights in place for site areas limited to one lane.
 Installation of mobile barriers painted in red and white.
 Incorporation in the organization chart of the company of the responsible for road and personal safety (helmet wearing for example) 
 This manager is also responsible for the application of safety instructions by the company's subcontractors.
 Verification of means of transport for company personnel and subcontractors
 Installation of a temporary retarder across the pavement, either concrete or coated.
 Site lighting during the night.
 Installation of diversion in particular during construction of sanitation works.
 Marking with paint of the provisional axis of the road under construction visible by day and by night. 
 For busy days (for example WE) mobilization of the coordinated police in conjunction with the Administration.
 Company: CONICOS
Funding: Cote d'Ivoire;
  Cost of works: 15 M. Euros